Since I was a child I have been a medium. I am able to attune myself to the spirit energy surrounding a person or event and sense with my psychic or intuitive abilities to view the past, present and future events of a person or situation.

I am a psychic medium and offer grief counseling services, energy healing services, and spiritual counseling services.

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Recently at a CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE conference, I witnessed Sandy Cole's amazing gift as a Medium. With Sandy's gift, a new found friend's "second mother", came through. Sandy shared with her special moments they had experienced together and described the second mother's personality. Our new friend was overjoyed and experienced fulfillment of her loved one ... a Beautiful connection!
B. Mcintire

Collective Awareness & Personal Readings

I was born with psychic and intuitive abilities. Over the decades I have enjoyed using them to connect people with loved ones and friends who have passed over, as well as, deliver messages.
Sandy Cole
Psychic Medium Services

What will I receive from you?

In our session I will answer any specific questions or requests that you have.

We can also explore topics and events to better understand what personal growth opportunites are available, deeper meaning to different questions you have related to the event(s), and discuss the "how to" of manifesting desired outcomes you are seeking in future endeavors.

Purchase a 45 minute session.

Secure Payment Paypal

$100, I will send you a recording of our session.

How do you accomplish a psychic reading?

A spiritual reading has also been called other names: psychic reading, reading by a medium, and angel reading. When I do a psychic reading I call in my angels and guides and the clients angels and guides to assist me so that the client benefits from the information for their highest good.

In your reading I will bring information and insights to you using my intuitive abilities that I have developed over the last 30+ years.

I can converse with your Angels, Ascended Masters, and family or friends that have passed over who want to give you messages.

In these readings some people have questions. Other people, are looking to communicate with someone specific people they know have passed over. I will accommodate most all of your requests in a spiritual reading, as long as you don't want to infringe on the privacy of another person or being.

What are typical questions you answer in a reading?

Every session is unique to the person receiving the reading.

Sometimes people come with questions about other significant people in their life, but there is not much detail available on those due to the respect and privacy that is required by Universal Law.

When you setup your appointment submit three questions that you would like me to focus on for the reading. Prior to our appointment I will focus on your questions in preparation for the reading. At the scheduled time of our appointment you will call me.

How will I have lasting benefits from this reading?

That answer is really dependent on you, and what you take away from the reading, as well as, how you apply the information you received in the reading.

Many times, we can have the greatest intention to make changes in our life, but then forget to take the steps and put in the action required to bring those changes to fruition.

I would suggest making this question part of your reading with me. I am happy to suggest ideas to help you make the beneficial changes you want to see in your life.

Who are typical people that receive a reading from you?

The common thread with the majority of people is they want some guidance.

Intuitive guidance is different from a prescription or advice from a family member , friend, or associate.

While everyone has natural intuitive abilities, not everyone practices them or listens to them.

Intuition is based in the soul. The energy of the soul makes up every one of the billions of cells in your body. That life force is powered by the dynamic flow of universal energy.

Who we are consists of two parts.

1. The awareness of living in the physical body
2. The awareness remaining on the other side of the veil, aka our soul immersed in the dynamic flow of universal energy.

Receiving a reading with me involves connecting with your entire beingness, and calling in your Angels, Ascended Masters, Family, Friends, and your loved ones who are on the other side of the veil.

Because I was born with a conscious recognition of my intuitive abilities, I have taken the steps necessary to grow. That work on my part, if you can call it work, enables me to connect with the myriad of assistance you have available to you in spirit, or as i like to refer to them, beings on the other side of the veil.

Purchase a 45 minute session.

Secure Payment Paypal

$100, I will send you a recording of our session.

True Godliness is an example not a teaching, but by being the example, you become the teacher. I met Sandy at the beginning of my spiritual journey in 2002. Through her gentle teachings I learned that I AM a spirit having a human experience and how to share this compassionate energy with others. I am proud to call her my friend.
J. Woods

Purchase a 45 minute session.

Secure Payment Paypal

$100, I will send you a recording of our session.


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I am not a medical doctor and I cannot prescribe, always use a qualified medical practitioner to diagnose and treat medical issues. My services are not a substitute for medical advice.