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My services provide you with tools and counseling in the spiritual discovery processes, which I consider to be recognizing your divinity, remembering appreciation, and committing to new a willingness of allowing well being.

I want to assist you to grow and develop your personal power - the intentions of your soul. Counseling sessions can be done in person or on the phone. In our session together we will identify what is next for you to move to deeper levels of consciousness and recognize your divinity.

I am a psychic medium and also offer grief counseling services, and energy healing services.

Personal Growth Development

Making an individual effort to understand how to best blend your mental abilities, physical abilities, and emotions, with natural and easeful methods, is the core of my spiritual counseling.
Sandy Cole
Spiritual Counseling Services In Souther Oregon

What will I receive from you?

My goal is providing you with tools, techniques, and my counseling experience so that you more easily connect with your personal power. And, so that you become better able to naturally allow your personal power to unfold - and recognize this while it is taking place.

It is a proven fact, by spiritual masters, great teachers, and well known authors, that when you are aware of your personal power, you are going to make choices more in alignment with your higher good.

I want you to be connected with your personal power and own it too.

True Godliness is an example not a teaching, but by being the example, you become the teacher. I met Sandy at the beginning of my spiritual journey in 2002. Through her gentle teachings I learned that I AM a spirit having a human experience and how to share this compassionate energy with others. I am proud to call her my friend.
J. Woods


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When should I expect from a reading?

Once we have an appointment scheduled we will meet in person, or connect on the phone, at our scheduled appointment time.

My experience, my training, and my intuitive abilities combine to access your energy and see what blocks you are experiencing in the mental, physical, and emotion spheres of your being.

With those insights and connections, and as we discuss your challenges or events or relationships, the next steps of how to harmonize, certain areas or very specific items in your life, will become obvious.

How can I make an immediate change in my life?

This is one of the most common concerns of people I counsel. Usually, this type of client is feeling out of sorts, overwhelmed, not in control of what is taking place in specific circumstances.

There are three steps to receiving some degree of an immediate resolution. First, you have to stabilize your energy field and I use energy healing for this. If we have a session in person I can use aromatherapy too. Affirmations are also a very effective development tool. All of these methods have been used successfully for centuries.

An affirmation is a statement designed for your specific needs that gives your brain something to focus on and thereby release the focus on events or situations that have captured your negative attention.

The second step is releasing. It depends how much inner work you have done, as to what you will recognize within yourself that is limiting your perceptions - thereby relating it. The goal of this step is identifying what thinking process or behavior process is limiting your perceptions/actions and causing the stress or feelings of disconnectedness.

The third step is gaining momentum in a renewed focus, aka new vibrational tone. Your vibrational tone is generated by the thoughts you are thinking. Many times we get hooked, on automatic pilot thinking, on a certain way of thinking. We will always end up where our habitual thoughts/behaviors take us.

My goal with you in this third step is training you to discover your personal power by guiding your thoughts. When you begin guiding your thoughts, away from the habitual thoughts causing duress, your tone will change with the degree that you are efficient in your guidance. As the old saying goes, “The more you practice the better you will become.”

This simple three step process will cure you of most all stressful situations, and definitely connect you with new experiences of your personal power.

What lasting benefits will I receive from this counseling?

There are two direct answers to your question.

One is that I want you to feel empowered after our work is completed. When you encounter the same challenge or stressful event in your life, after our work together, I want you to have new ways to deal with it so that you recognize your personal power and seize the moment to make positive change/transformation.

The second benefit is that you will have a great sense of being connected with your own divinity. This is absolutely important in life for many key reasons. And, I purposefully make this 'connectedness' a first priority with all my clients.

It is not the same experience for each person. We are all unique individuals at various points on our journey. By being able to recall experiences of your own divinity you are taking the steps to enhance your personal power and deepen the quality of you life.

My counseling work is all about expanding the quality of your life in a tangible and measurable way.

Another perspective, using energy healing, is clearing negative influences using vibrational healing.

Personal power has difference experiences depending where you are along your journey of life. For example, if you are fairly new to spiritual development work your first sense of personal power is the joy of transforming a negative situation into a positive one by merely changing your thoughts.

On the other end of the spectrum, when you have a deeper understanding of your personal power, you experience being an eternal being. That inner knowing allows you to perceive an expanded set of options in your situations and relationships - how you relate to yourself and to others in your experiences.

But, let me be clear, the spiritual development process is not measured in time. There is no race. This work that I accomplish with my clients, people just like you, has one common thread that I think is most important: a greater experience of being empowered in day to day living.


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Providing reputable online counseling services for personal growth and energy healing.
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I am not a medical doctor and I cannot prescribe, always use a qualified medical practitioner to diagnose and treat medical issues. My services are not a substitute for medical advice.