My goal is to assist you in reconnecting with your Divinity. Over the years I have found that what ever religious background people have, or grew up with, is enhanced by my sessions. I have connected individuals and groups with Angels, Ascended Master but most importantly the experience of Oneness with their divinity.

I am a psychic medium and offer grief counseling services, energy healing services, and spiritual counseling services.

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$100, I will send you a recording of our session.

Our awareness to perceive our path is a remarkable step. So many people don't take the time to examine the nature of their experiences, and that is fine, there is no judgement here.

In this awareness that we develop, which just keeps expanding, your certainty also deepens with respect to your souls intuition sensing and filling you with the knowledge that you have everything you need to lead and enjoy a naturally unfolding life.

I like to refer to this as owning your personal power. My counseling services help you to build and be more aware of your power.


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Online Counseling

Grief Counseling

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Psychic Medium

Recently at a CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE conference, I witnessed Sandy Cole's amazing gift as a Medium. With Sandy's gift, a new found friend's "second mother", came through. Sandy shared with her special moments they had experienced together and described the second mother's personality. Our new friend was overjoyed and experienced fulfillment of her loved one ... a Beautiful connection!
B. Mcintire

Online Counseling Services

My core work is assisting you to sense and then establish a direct link with your Divinity. Allowing yourself to feel your unique divinity as you more easily enjoy expanded abilities to express yourself and understand the world around you.
Sandy Cole
Online Counseling Services

There is no one firm technique I use as the healing or assistance of each person is unique. The tools I use include energy flow, counseling and healing modalities that address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of consciousness.

The priority in a session is clearing of blocks which naturally leads to spiritual evolution in individuals, groups and humanity as a whole which equals Oneness.

My classes and workshops are designed to enhance specific development goals.

In one form another, one method or another, we will achieve anchoring the embodiment of Divinity in your life, to the degree that you are ready to receive it. And, the degree you are ready to receive will grow as you continue to open your Self to more Divinity.

As you become more attuned to experience your divinity, then you learn to have those experiences at will. You will actually train yourself, over time, in the art of connecting with your divinity.

Purchase a 45 minute session.

Secure Payment Paypal

$100, I will send you a recording of our session.

There are many benefits to you, from our session together. You can reduce the anxiety and/or depression you are experiencing. You will increase the joy and confidence you experience. You can also learn methods and processes to improve the quality of daily living. As well as, receiving tools to fine tune your spiritual development. Keep in mind that every one is unique, so no two experiences from a session with me are the same.

You will identify alternative thinking and/or behaviors that will induce fresh perceptions and lead to producing resolution on one level or another. Sometimes this will including peace and calming sensations, while other people may be called to very definitive action that will bring a new doorway to a situation.

You will have a better understanding of achieving the next steps, in whatever situation is challenging you. Or, when you are seeking expansion in life; in a career, work project, or relationship then you will have new resolve to capture ideas about how to move forward with one expansion or another.

Because we are energetic beings, happiness is an evolving process. What made you happy a year ago may not be making you happy today. Living in the constant ebb and flow of life requires a state of beingness which recognizes that no external situation or person, in your life, will deliver happiness to you.

True happiness is being connected with your personal power. My work with you will attune you to that level of experience.

There are different levels of knowledge. When you are just starting you want answers and insights to relieve the pressure from uncomfortable situations and events. The next level is being better educated on the methods and means of steering your life, producing a journey filled with more harmonious people and events. A third level of experience in knowledge is having the tools that uncover the wisdom within you so that you are continuously growing on your spiritual journey in ease.

Our sessions together will touch one or all of the three levels of knowledge, depending on where you are in your understanding of your personal power.

Purchase a 45 minute session.

Secure Payment Paypal

$100, I will send you a recording of our session.

True Godliness is an example not a teaching, but by being the example, you become the teacher. I met Sandy at the beginning of my spiritual journey in 2002. Through her gentle teachings I learned that I AM a spirit having a human experience and how to share this compassionate energy with others. I am proud to call her my friend.
J. Woods

Purchase a 45 minute session.

Secure Payment Paypal

$100, I will send you a recording of our session.


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Providing reputable online counseling services for personal growth and energy healing.
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I am not a medical doctor and I cannot prescribe, always use a qualified medical practitioner to diagnose and treat medical issues. My services are not a substitute for medical advice.