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The natural life force is a dynamic, vibrant energy field. There is a revival of interest in understanding this energy that is the makeup of every living creature.

Because everything is energy, all healing ultimately involves energy. Most healing methods are focused on the physical, mental and emotional levels of life, without recognition of the deeper underlying energy.

I am a psychic medium and also offer grief counseling services and spiritual counseling services.

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Psychic Medium

Recently at a CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE conference, I witnessed Sandy Cole's amazing gift as a Medium. With Sandy's gift, a new found friend's "second mother", came through. Sandy shared with her special moments they had experienced together and described the second mother's personality. Our new friend was overjoyed and experienced fulfillment of her loved one ... a Beautiful connection!
B. Mcintire

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Energy healing is based innately with the energetic level of our holistic being. You can take the time to learn it, or simply benefit from using it to improve your well being.
Sandy Cole

What is energetic healing?

Life is made of energy. Even western science now confirms this. Every one of the billions of cells in your body is a power house, producing energy to power biological processes.

Traditional healing methods are focused on the physical, mental and emotional levels of life, without recognition of the deeper underlying Universal energy. This Universal energy carries with it Universal Laws that make up the fabric of space and time. One of these is the Law Of Attraction (LOA).

Human beings are, at one level, patterns of energy, being influenced by Universal energy and by their physical, mental and emotional beliefs. When you recognize how Universal energy is the creation of life and influences all aspects of daily living, you are aware of the spiritual energy of life.

I consider an energy healing to be “holistic” since it covers the entire being of a living creature. Energy healing complements and supports traditional healing, because it is based on spiritual energy.

There are two parts of an energetic healing. One is the Universal energy that is available to everyone. In my own way, I conduct that energy in my session with you to heal specific areas in your life. The second part of an energetic healing is you allowing the healing energy into your life: during our session and afterwards when you are going about your daily life.

Allowing is an important part of life. We usually get schooled that in order to accomplish something we must do - produce action. In our work together we will discuss more about the importance of allowing as it relates to your situation.

Your lifestyle is based on your ideas and perceptions. If you want to make beneficial adjustments to your mental energy then, over time, you need to learn how to listen to your inner signals that are telling you it’s time to make a change. When you make those changes you are able to avoid disruptive situations and experiences. We will discuss how this works, in your specific situation, during our session.

Ailments in life always start as a vibration before they manifest as a physical symptom. My work with you will clear negative influences in your vibration. And, if you choose to learn more I can train you in effective techniques to successfully accomplish energetic healing .

Purchase a 45 minute session.

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$100, I will send you a recording of our session.

When is an energy healing effective?

With one recent client we were able to clear some chronic shoulder pain by removing the energy blocks. Success with energy healing does require that you be open to the receptivity of new ideas and perceptions.

For most people who are new to energy healing, we start with something small that is ailing you or giving you discomfort. If you are entirely resistant to the idea of energy healing providing results for you, chances are you will not have much success with me or anyone.

You have to be wiling to cultivate new perceptions to accept new ideas and results.

This is where developing your personal power becomes an important tool.

A typical healing session will involve identifying and clearing negative energy as well as rebalancing the Chakras, energy centers, in your body. I will also answer your questions, throughout the session, to provide insight and information which expands your spiritual growth and connection with your personal power.

As people become more attuned to their spiritual path in their sessions with me, we do a higher (deeper) level of work. Many times this will include initiation into a complete new energy level that depends upon where the client is energetically. As an example, two of those levels clients frequently get connected with are the Angelic and the Ascended Masters.

I believe that each of us is a unique expression of the All, God, Creator, All That Is, whatever term you are comfortable using. We come to this planet Earth to grow our perceptions and understanding in who we are. Your healing, with my accompaniment, is a natural process that unfolds according to a plan you devised a long time ago.

How does healing work if we’re not in the same location?

The basis of life is energy. Even western science agrees that molecules, comprised of vibrating atoms, are in constant motion, but, the majority of people today are not attuned to viewing that motion with our eyes. In biology we learn that electrical forces operate each of the billions of cells in our bodies without requiring even one second of our conscious attention.

Healing energy is abundant in the Universe, in fact, it makes the Universe what it is. We live in a dynamic energy field that builds our thoughts and perceptions into a living reality.

In a long distance healing session with me, I ask that you sit or lie in a comfortable, quiet place, resting.  Eliminating all possible distractions is important.  While is this relaxing place clear your mind as much as possible, and just receive.

I am focusing my skills and abilities, calling in the appropriate Angels and Ascended Masters, and Guides that are attuned to this situation with you. We commit and transfer the necessary energy to you and your mind/body/spirit to achieve the most beneficial result.

During these sessions some clients fall asleep. Others go into an easy meditation. Whatever happens with you is perfectly fine and natural.

How does the Law of Attraction impact your sessions?

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is one of the Universal Laws that governs your life, wether you are aware of it or. Simply put, you get what you think about. You receive what you think about. That which is like its' self is drawn unto it. Energy draws similar energy to it.

With most clients I find it is helpful to their personal power if they understand more about LOA. The tone and topics of our session together really depends on where you are, what is going on in your life, and how much inner work you are willing do. It just depends on your situation and what the focus is going to be. I cannot fix you. No one can fix anyone else.

If you are unfamiliar with LOA, our session will have some simple discussions about your living experiences to deliver a personal experience of how LOA works. No matter where you are on your path, LOA is an important influence, I think it’s important to learn to recognize that content influence.

You draw to you what you are radiating. For example, when you are having thoughts of duress and worry, you are going to find people that think like you, and before you know it, you will be carrying on in conversations of worrisome topics with them. If you spend more time focused on entertaining negative thoughts about your life and relations, you will find yourself amidst people and situations that are negative and not breeding much hope or good feeling. On the contrary if you focus on positive thoughts and situations others of like mind will be drawn to you, creating a more uplifting and fulfilling life.

I have found that as people get farther along on their spiritual journey they take a more active role in deciphering the Law Of Attraction and putting it to work consciously in their daily living.

True Godliness is an example not a teaching, but by being the example, you become the teacher. I met Sandy at the beginning of my spiritual journey in 2002. Through her gentle teachings I learned that I AM a spirit having a human experience and how to share this compassionate energy with others. I am proud to call her my friend.
J. Woods

Purchase a 45 minute session.

Secure Payment Paypal

$100, I will send you a recording of our session.


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