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Young children and the young at heart will enjoy the message in her latest book “Perfectly Natalie.” This book is a wonderful teaching tool for all who struggle with their own imperfections.
Carma, School Teacher
Sandy Cole, Author
Author Of Perfectly Natalie: An Inspirational Children’s Christmas Story

Natalie, who now prefers to be called Natty, learns that we all are special and to never give up, and Dad learns that sometimes we all need a positive attitude.

This is a family story with a message for all who read it.

Perfectly Natalie is the story of a young girl struggling with her place in the world and how to cope with all the changes in her life following an accident that put her in a wheelchair.

The story is centered around Christmas, the importance of family, learning to make the best out of the situations in our lives, and developing a positive attitude.

The book is $12.00 plus $3.00 shipping.
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My name is Natty. My real name is Natalie, Natalie Christianson, but you can call me Natty. I don’t like Natalie. I use to like it, but its sooo-so perfect sounding. Daddy named me Natalie. He always calls me Natalie, his perfect little angel. Well, I’m not perfect! I used to be, but now my legs don’t work right, so you can call me Natty. Oh, they work a little, I have leg braces and crutches but they’re heavy and slow so I spend most of my time in this dumb ole’ wheelchair. I used to run and play with Scotty McPherson next door and Rebecca Abrams down the block but that was last year when I was in First grade. That was before the accident. I guess I was riding my bike too far out in the street. I don’t remember to well. I remember waking up in a room with people all around me. It was a hospital. They cheered when I opened my eyes. I had to stay there a whole month. Yuck! The doctors and nurses were real nice to me and I even got ice cream, but I couldn’t wait to come home. Ever since then though, my legs haven’t worked quite right. Somethin’ about nerve damage, whatever that is. So now I’m stuck here in this crummy ole’ chair while my friends, or my used to be friends, are out playing in the snow and if that isn’t bad enough, it’s only two days ‘til Christmas. This is going to be a crummy Christmas!

The book is $12.00 plus $3.00 shipping.
It is less expensive to purchase the book from me.

True Godliness is an example not a teaching, but by being the example, you become the teacher. I met Sandy at the beginning of my spiritual journey in 2002. Through her gentle teachings I learned that I AM a spirit having a human experience and how to share this compassionate energy with others. I am proud to call her my friend.
J. Woods

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