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Spiritual Guidance Services & Energy Healing Services

As you recognize and come to a greater awareness of your own divinity your life experiences will surpass what you imagined possible. With a more conscious grasp of your personal power, you can more easily transform the quality of your life. My services are dedicated to assisting my clients expand their life skills to improve the quality of their life.

My work brings you a renewed assurance, at the soul level, to your birth right in pure divinity, along with the training, if you desire it, to move forward with accepting your gifts and talents in all areas of your life.

My Promise To You

My services are dedicated to uplift people and all living creatures to extended feelings and experiences of being more joyful in continuous spiritual growth, at whatever level you are ready to receive.
Sandy Cole
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Perfectly Natalie: An Inspirational Children’s Christmas Story

Perfectly Natalie: An Inspirational Children’s Christmas Story

A children's story based on fresh ideas and living an inspired life, at any age.

Energy Healing Services

Are you ready to experience the natural rhythm of living? Enjoy the natural energy healing of Reiki. A holistic healing modality to remove negative energy/influences, realign, and reconnect with your divinity.

Healing Angel



Providing reputable online counseling services for personal growth and energy healing.
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I am not a medical doctor and I cannot prescribe, always use a qualified medical practitioner to diagnose and treat medical issues. My services are not a substitute for medical advice.